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Here at Blufin, we believe in standing by our customer from start to finish. Not only will we be there for you from your initial pool inquiry, we will be with you as long as your pool lasts (which, by the way, is a lifetime). 

Seasonal Openings & Closings


Sit back and let us take care of preparing your pool for swim season. We will handle your pool cover, check the pool pump, and put back all equipment for pool use: diving boards, skimmers, pumps, etc. We will advise on any chemical treatments we feel are needed. Stop by our retail location for a free water test! 



We will be at your assistance when pool season comes to an end. We will winterize plumbing lines, drain all pumps and filters, remove any equipment such as diving boards and rails, and we will finish by securely placing your cover over your pool.


Our pool professionals have been in the business for years and are ready to stand by the client's side for the whole process. Any questions, comments, or concerns they are happy to help. Our top of the line technicians will repair sand filters, cartridge filters, salt cells, and any general repairs the pool needs. We can also add ladders, slides, diving boards, and handrails at any point after the pool is finished.

We offer weekly cleaning services upon request. 

Blufin Storefront

Our clients can come by our storefront for any supplies and accessories needed. We sell top of the line pool chemicals to keep your pool safe and clean

We also do complementary water testing! Bring a sample to our storefront and we will test it for you and recommend any treatments your pool may need! 

Join us every first Saturday of the month for Pool School April—September.

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